Airto Moreira-Inspired Latin Ideas

Learn to play latin rhythms on the drum set at Dye House Drum Works, Leicester

I remember seeing – years ago – one of the old DCI Publishing VHS videos (we used to have them running in the shop all day in my retail days!) which had trailers featuring other titles available in their catalogue. One of these was for a latin-centred release by Airto Moreira. If you are not familiar with his work (I wasn’t at the time) check him out. Tracking down some of the content of this video is something I have had planned for a while and only recently finally got round to it. The Airto sticking is in the initial pattern and as I played around with this, I kind of ran with the ball… Have a play! …and speaking of footballs 🙂 check my new notation ‘scoring’ package, from Sibelius First:

Notated exercises based on Airto Moreira latin sticking

Airto Moreira latin sticking – with some developments.

Work through the exercises carefully from A to F – and listen out for any variations which suggest themselves to you as you go: remember that latin music on the drum set often features a mixture of influences from separate percussion parts and their rhythmic inspirations. Don’t get too pinned down to repetition or convention – it’s a ‘feel’ thing! …just watch Airto!

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