Finding A Drum Teacher

Looking for a Drum Teacher in Leicester?

There are many and varied options when it comes to finding a drum teacher or drum school in Leicester – which is great! Lots of choice in terms of methods of learning and a whole crew of experienced drummers eager to share their hard earned knowledge and skills with their local drumming (and soon-to-be-drumming…) community.

At Dye House Drum Works we have built – pretty much from scratch – the ideal learning environment for drummers in terms of lesson formats and approach, partnerships, studio design and state of the art equipment: a plan founded on Lee Allatson’s 25 years of experience as a professional in music education. The DHDW project is still, and in many ways always will be, in a constant state of development as new ideas emerge and the exciting world of contemporary musical instrument tuition evolves. We here at Dye House Drum Works are committed to this progressive vision in providing a student-led, bespoke learning experience of excellence for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Whether you are drumming for fun; playing in a band or working toward graded exams and higher education, DHDW has already laid the foundations you will need to help get to wherever you want to go.

Some common questions:

Do I need a drum teacher? If you are starting out, I would answer this with a resounding yes. A structured approach will help you make decisions about how you want to learn and also put in place some critical fundamentals, like how to hold the sticks, posture and other basic drum set concepts. There are many more specific reasons for those who already play to take on lessons, some of the more common ones I hear are from folks looking for new ideas, who perhaps feel they are stuck in a rut; particular technique queries – the drummer’s paranoia of “…am I doing any of this ‘right’?!” or perhaps a desire to simply further their knowledge and enjoy playing their instrument more. The drum set is a difficult instrument to learn to play on your own and a few lessons can take some of the frustration out of a pursuit which should be a regular pleasure.

What makes, or who is, a good drum teacher? When I think of the times I have learned my own most valuable and positive musical lessons, it has been from people who display a true passion for music and also posses the variety of communication skills essential in passing on complex ideas clearly and engagingly. To my mind, in terms of teaching and therefore learning, it is no good having one without the other.

What facilities should I look for? Learning to play any instrument should be a fun and pleasurable experience, so try to find a school with an atmosphere which feels comfortable to you. The equipment should be serviceable and fully height adjustable. I would recommend drum lessons on an acoustic drum kit wherever possible: electronic kits are an excellent practice tool but don’t quite afford the level of tonal response you will need to develop a relaxed natural sound and technique. Other useful tools to look for would be good audio playback/monitoring systems for playing along with music and a well stocked library of tuition books and play along materials.

Why should I come to Dye House Drum Works? To find out if this is the right place for you to study. There are a lot of drum teachers and schools out there – each with their own vibe and approach. Learning and teaching are very much ‘people things’ and I would certainly recommend shopping around. Check out which facilities you like the look of; speak with the teachers about their experience and methods. See if there are any promotions or free trial lessons available.

Have a good trawl through our DHDW website here and if you feel we might fit the bill for you give us a call and come pay a visit.

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