Pre-loved Gretsch Drum Kit in Custom Tiger Skin For Sale.

You are viewing my modified 5-piece Gretsch drum kit in custom Tiger Skin finish. Sizes: 13” and 14” mounted toms, 16” and 18” floor toms and a 24” bass drum. All including cases and isolation mounts (no holders or hardware).

This kit came to me in 2 parts: The 14”, 18” and 24” were originally in walnut; The 13” and 16” came in black plastic wrap. It is my belief that these two parts were from two kits, rather than odd drums.

The walnut bass drum had been re-drilled for possibly 2 different sets of spurs and was missing its tom holder fitting: the other drums were scratched and dinked, which is why I took the decision (around 1989) to re-cover the lot in one consistent finish. The tiger skin velour is quite in keeping with its 1970’s vintage (think Huggy Bear!) and is very lightweight. I quite like it, but can also totally accept that this kit is likely to become a restoration project (or 2) for someone. The holes have been speedily filled with Fibreglass and plastic filler (see pic’s).

1970’s Gretsch Drum Fit For Sale: 5 drums only, with isolation tom mounts as seen, but no holders or stands. This kit also includes cases for all the drums (see pic below).

Original 3-piece shells: Gretsch, 1972-1979 (originally Walnut). 14″, 18″ and 24″.

14” Tom Tom: This is a 14”x10” rack tom with 8 lugs, retro-fitted with a RIMS suspension mount and Pearl tom bracket/rosette. This drum features the ‘Great Gretsch Sound’, octagonal badge with elongated ’T’ and also has its original internal label from manufacture, with the serial number 36300, but no model number. Both of the original internal dampers are present and are in full working order. This drum comes with a Remo Coated Ambassador batter head and unbranded coated resonant side. It comes in a Hardcase double tom case (with the 13”).

18” Floor Tom: This is an 18”x18” drum and still has its original internal sticker from manufacture, with the Model Number ‘4423’ and Serial Number 42128. The badge is the classic octagonal design, with ‘That Great Gretsch Sound’ and elongated ’T’ typography in the Gretsch logo. This is a 10 lug drum, featuring four original floor tom legs – all with original diamond brackets, which are in full working order. It comes in a Le Blond case. 

24″ Bass Drum: The bass drum in this set is a standard depth 24”x14”. The serial number is 35986 and the octagon badge features the Gretsch logo with elongated ’T’. This is a 10-lug drum, with retro-fitted Premier (possibly Projector) wooden, front and rear counter hoops. I also still have one of the original wooden hoops for this kit in walnut, which is included in this sale. Both front and rear hoops are secured with Premier square headed tension bolts and claws: These are nothing special (possibly APK style?) and in excellent condition. This drum also features retro-fitted Pearl bass drum spurs. It comes with a Remo Pinstripe head on the batter side (unfortunately, this has a tear) and a Remo Falam Slam patch; the display head is a Remo Renaissance Ambassador. It comes in a D-Case case.

Extra Drums: These two, I believe, were a pair from a set and originally covered in black wrap.

13” Tom Tom: This is a 13”x9” Gretsch rack tom with 6 lugs. There is, sadly, no interior serial number sticker, but by the badge (octagonal/‘That Great Gretsch Sound’ with elongated ’T’) looks like another 1972 to 1979 model. This drum was originally covered with standard Gretsch black plastic drum covering, which has been stripped off. Both of the internal dampers are present, original and in good working order. It comes retro-fitted with a RIMS suspension mount and Pearl tom bracket/rosette. Heads are Remo Coated Ambassador on the batter and Aquarian Texture Coated on the resonant side (as new). It comes in a Hardcase double tom case (with the 14”). 

16” Floor Tom: This is a 16”x16” Gretsch floor tom tom with 8 lugs. It still has its original factory serial number sticker, which reads 11987. ‘That Great Gretsch Sound’ with elongated ’T’ also places this in the 1972 to 1979 era of manufacture. It has both of its original internal dampers which are fully working. As mentioned above, this drum was originally covered with Gretsch black plastic wrap, which has been removed, but is included in this sale (it has minor splits). It has a retro-fitted ‘RIMS Alloy’ floor tom mount, with Gibraltar floor tom brackets and legs. It comes in a Hardcase 16” floor tom case. Heads are a Remo Coated Ambassador batter head and an unbranded clear resonant side. It comes in a Hardcase floor tom case.

Full Set Of Cases For All Drums (13″+14″ toms combined in top left case).

I am selling this whole package as a job lot to UK buyers only: All the drums and isolation mounts/tom brackets and cases, as listed and pictured above, but with no tom holders or stands. Please do not ask for individual drum pricing or for shipping outside of the UK.

Vintage, Pre-Loved Gretsch drum set in custom tiger skin finish, as specified £1500.00

Collection from LE1 or LE16 post codes. Can also arrange delivery to 100 mile radius of either.

Please drop me a line for any more info. Thank you for viewing!