Dye House Drum Works: a Rockschool exam centre in Leicester.

I’ve been teaching the Rockschool syllabuses pretty much since they started out, on a machine cassette-based audio format (true!). Since then, they have displayed a keen ambition in developing constantly relevant content and garner ever wider international recognition for their qualifications. Many of my students have benefited greatly from the structured learning these grade packs bring and indeed, have secured places on some of the country’s best contemporary music further and higher education courses with the aid of performance skills or UCAS points gained from pursuing them.

Dye House Drum Works is a registered Rockschool Public Examinations Centre and runs open exam days throughout the year. See the Rockschool website for details.

 Or contact our drum school!

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  1. Our next Rockschool Exam Day is set for Saturday November the 9th.

    At the time of writing there are spaces left, but I anticipate that these will get filled quite quickly. Please remember that the closing date for this session is October 1st, so get in quick and avoid Rockschool’s late entry fee penalty of £10!!

    Any non-Dye House Drum Works candidates or teachers should feel free to specify us as their preferred centre on applications and drop us a line to arrange a pre-exam day visit, if required.

    If you are entering for these examinations independantly, DHDW offers a consultation and coaching service for drummers with any exam format or syllabus contents questions. Please book for this in good time though, as there may be elements of your performances you need to brush up on!

    Call Lee Allatson on 07976 16 16 26 for further information.

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