DW Drum Workshop Turbo 5000 Pedal For Sale

I have TWO of these, used Drum Workshop DW Turbo 5000 single pedals for sale.

I bought the first one new in (or shortly after?) 1990 – when everyone was using them! I think it was about £190? They really are an excellent design and now a ‘cult classic’. The base plate makes for a sturdy and economic action – really adding to the power you can get from a foot stroke, but this also adds to the weight – and I’m downsizing! 

Both are in good condition for their age.

The second of these two (below) I purchased second hand (as a back up/spare – get me!). It looks as though it may have had a second spring at some point? Plays just as good as the other one, though has lost a little more black paint.  

You can pick up new ones for about £200 and can also still get spare parts.

Each of these pedals is £100.00

Drop me a line to arrange ordering. If you are local to Leicestershire, cash on collection in person is available from Leicester city centre or Market Harborough; For UK postage and packing it’s £10 per pedal. Thank you for viewing!