Mapex Drum Kits

Visit our Leicester drum shop for some of the best UK prices on Mapex drum kits, hardware and accessories.


Mapex Horizon ‘Short Stack’ kit in silver sparkle. 10″ & 12″ toms, 16″ floor tom, 22″ bass drum and 5.5″ snare – with hardware. An ace looking retro finish on this kit – topped off with white logo’d bass drum head. No cymbals with this kit.   DHDW PRICE = £369! SOLD!


Mapex Tornado drum kit at the Dye House Drum Works drum shop, Leicester.

Mapex Tornado – complete with hardware and cymbals.

Mapex Tornado Kit: drums, hardware, cymbals and stool – seen here in metallic burgundy (LA/American Fusion sizes now available too, with a 16″ floor tom. Both specification kits also available in Black and Royal Blue).

Our highly recommended stock starter kit: DHDW PRICE = £329!


Visit our Leicester drum shop for some of the best UK prices on Mapex drums.

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