Used, Pearl BLX All Birch Drum Kit For Sale in Leicester

You are viewing my used/second hand Pearl BLX drum set in Seqouia Red, for sale as a shell pack (and holders) only, in Leicester, UK. Sizes are: 10×8″, 12″x10″, 13″x11″, 16″x16″ and 22″x16″. Includes all RIMS suspension mounts on rack toms and original tom holders (2 x TH95 and 1 x TH95s). These have been cut down to accommodate the RIMS mounts. The kit comes with a full set of polypropylene cases for the drums as listed. No multi clamps, cymbal stands or other hardware is included.

Pearl BLX Drum Shells in Sequoia Red finish, for sale in Leicester. On display.
Pearl BLX Drum Shells For Sale in Leicester.

This kit has served me proud for some 30 years, but I have now downsized – in every respect! This is a ‘players kit’: Gigged extensively, the kit shows signs of tom rash and general wear; I have also replaced some high tension lugs on the 12″ (these are ‘Export’/fake high-tension style) and 16″ (with replacement originals). The kit is solid in sound and performance, and it has never let me down. Reason for sale: I have moved to fewer drums and smaller sizes for portability.

Specifications: All drums are Pearl BLX in Sequoia Red finish. 10”x8” (S/No. 636811) has rust and pitting on hoops and castings. Pearl BLX 12”x10” (S/No. 636290) has light rust on hoops and fittings (high tension lugs have been replaced with cheaper export style. *These were prone to fatigue and the shell mount posts would often break off.). 13”x11” rack tom (S/No. 636452) is in great condition with only very minor rust spots. All rack toms include RIMS mounts and TH95/TH95s holders. 16”x16” floor tom (S/No. 636454) is in good condition with only very minor rust or pitting, this drum includes all three floor tom legs and quick release brackets – as original. 22”x16” bass drum (S/No. 635998) has chips, nicks and wear on front and back hoops. Batter heads on toms are Remo Renaissance Ambassadors, with Evans Uno 58 clear on resonant sides. Bass drum batter head is a Remo pinstripe clear with a Remo Falam patch: both in good condition. Resonant side is an Ebony Ambassador with a 6” hole and Kickport (I). 

Cases for Pearl BLX for sale.
Carlsbro cases for all drums – included.

I bought this kit from new around 1990 (?) and I seem to remember it was about £1000. This example is in mixed condition, but it is still fully functional, sturdy and heavy! I have seen the standard 12, 13, 16, 22 shell sets up for £295 on Ebay. I am offering mine with the extra 10″ tom, RIMS and cases at £250.

This kit can be viewed and played at Dye House Drum Works, Leicester, UK. Please don’t ask for mail order details – this is a cash and collection sale only.

Pearl BLX Shell Pack in Sequoia Red, 10″, 12″, 13″, 16″ and 22″ with holders and cases = £250

Drop us a line to book a viewing. Thank you!