Grupo Bossa!

Carmelia Marques

Lead vocals with Grupo Bossa!

Grupo Bossa! is an exciting new jazz ensemble specialising in the subtle and emotive music that is bossa nova. 


A New Jazz Ensemble.

Featuring the vocal talents of Portugal’s Carmelia Marques, backed by specialist ensembles including Porto’s own maestro of jazz, Fino Lopes (guitar/bass), Midlands based World music percussionist, Lee Boyd Allatson (drums), Leeds Jazz alumni, Ryan West (tenor sax) and the Leicestershire jazz scene’s go-to pianist, Peter Houtman.

Grupo Bossa! showcase traditional songs by the likes of Consuelo Velázquez, Osvaldo Farrés and of course, the ‘father of bossa nova’, Antonio Carlos Jobim, as well as the infectious rhythms of bolero and samba. The band also perform Latin American reworks of jazz standards and pop tunes, as well as the Portuguese folk style of ‘Fado’: a traditional music unique to the Iberian peninsula, with melodies echoing the Moorish history of the region.