An Introduction to Rhythm and the Drum Set for Leicester U3A.

What a pleasure it was to host HHCiB (‘How Hard Can it Be?’) U3A group for a drum workshop in Leicester this week. Lee Allatson was on hand to facilitate a one hour workshop for seven participants at Dye House Drum Works.

From the simple act of clapping together in unison, we explored rhythmic concepts of synchronisation, syncopation and subdividing the pulse, then moved onto the full kit: Two groups battled with 3-way coordination and independence using the bass drum, snare drum and hi-hats. We discussed ways of developing basic rhythms using alternate sounds on the drum set – always referencing how these different timbres and textures affected outcomes. It was a lot to fit into an hour, but judging by the smiles, laughter, dancing – and the successes in the playing – everyone had a great time!   


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